Webelos Adventure Camp is a great way for a Webelos and his Akela to discover how the adventure of Boy Scouting is
different from that of Cub Scouting all while earning a few Webelos Activity Badges. Webelos Adventure Camp is a
chance for your Webelos to get a taste of what Boy Scouts is really like. Each Webelos and his adult partner, called an
Akela, will participate in Scout Show-n-Do activities. They will also share meals and enjoy a campfire program with a host
Boy Scout Troop. The cost is $90.00 a pair (Webelos & Akela) and $45.00 for an adult with his/her den/pack. The camp
will provide all meals, tents and mattress setup for this exciting program.

PURPOSE: To provide a taste of the Boy Scout program to Webelos Scouts

WHO: All Webelos Scouts, their Akelas and any Boy Scout Troop that would like to build relationships with potential
Scouts and parents

COST: $90.00 a pair (Webelos and Akela) and $45.00 for an adult with his/her den/pack (no cost for Boy Scout
Troops who volunteer and serve as staff) – Send to Council Office or pay on-line (www.seqbsa.org) or
at the site

PLACE: Camp Chawanakee

RSVP: To help us plan a quality program, please register at least 2 days prior to the start of the course. To register
multiple youth at once register online or use the QR code.

CONTACT: Michael Foster at (559) 320-2100 or at michael.foster@scouting.org