Camp Chawanakee’s Address is:

43485 Dinkey Creek Rd
Shaver Lake, CA 93664

Phone: (559) 841-2117

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Letters or postcards can take anywhere from two to five extra days to get to camp. Address your mail in the following manner (be sure to include unit number, session, and campsite also be sure parents are aware of this information so they can write their youth at camp. When mail is received at camp it is sorted into boxes for each campsite in the office. Is is up to the units to come by daily and check for mail in the afternoon. Any mail that isn’t picked up will be put in the unit’s check out packet at the end of the week. If mail comes after your stay at camp is over we will return it to the sender.  It is suggested that you print a copy of this page and distribute it to all parents prior to leaving for camp.

If you are sending through the US post office please use this address:

If you are sending a package through UPS or Fed Ex please this address: