Here are some resources to help plan you stay at camp

Cost of camp and payments for 2020

Camp Chawanakee Fees
Youth $ 460 Out of Council
$ 400 In Council
$ 415 Out of State
Adult $ 275 Out of Council
$ 240 In Council
$ 250 Out of State
Siblings $25 off the cost of each scout
2nd Week Come for a second week of camp this summer and get $100 off.

Conservative Forecasting

When you make reservations for the summer, be conservative. Example: if you plan to bring 12 youth and 2 adults, perhaps you should indicate to the Camp that you will be bringing 10 youth and 2 adults and pay for these 10 youths and 2 adults. Right up to the day you arrive at Camp, you may add youth and adults. So, if you arrive at Camp with 12 youth and 3 adults; that is perfectly fine. You may pay these fees at arrival. Caution: if you bring a surprising 10 extra youth, you are wise to phone the Council office with a heads up. Conversely, if you indicate you are bringing 12 youth and 2 adults (fully paid or not) and you arrive at Camp with only 10 youth, we cannot make a refund. If not yet fully paid, you will be responsible to pay full fees. These fees cannot be pushed into the next camping year. If a site is overbooked we will not move tents. What we will do is issue your unit pop-up tents to use for that week. If checked out tents are returned damaged the troop/crew is financially responsible for replacing it. Bringing a few of your own tents for extra equipment etc. is always a good idea. Shade structures are also a good idea.

Cancellation Policy

If your unit cancels its reservation and does not come to Camp Chawanakee all money paid is forfeited. You must submit a letter of cancellation to the Fresno Scout Office to let us know that your Troop/Crew isn’t coming. Please note this is for the entire Troop/Crew, if you are reducing numbers this does not apply unless you are dropping after the final payment deadline. There are NO REFUNDS at Camp Chawanakee. You may transfer funds from one Scout/Venturer and adults/leaders to another however. For further questions about refunds contact the Scout Executive / CEO John Richers.