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Youth Application: Fill this form out to sign up to join Boy Scouts of America.

BSA Medical Form: This form is necessary whenever you are going on a campout that is longer then 72 hours.

Eagle Scout Project Workbook: Use this workbook to help you plan and execute your Eagle Scout Project. You want to right click this link and select save as instead of opening it in a new tab.

Eagle Scout Application: When you are ready to apply for the Eagle Scout Rank you fill this form out.

Boys Life Coloring Book: You’re never too old to color. So grab some crayons, markers or colored pencils and have fun.

Tah-Heetch Lodge, Order of the Arrow

Tah-Heetch Lodge #195 is the Order of the Arrow Lodge in the Sequoia Council, which has achieved tremendous recognition over the years as a great example of service and leadership.

Members of the Order of the Arrow are chosen through an election process at a troop meeting. To learn more about the Order of the Arrow, contact the lodge at 559-320-2100.