Class Prerequisites Report 2019

We are using a new online system to help you get ready for camp. Each unit that has made a reservation has received an email with instructions on how to log in and enter the names of people. In order to sign them up for classes each person needs to be able to have $200 paid up. Once that has happened you are able to select their classes. Most classes are taught in the morning periods. In the afternoon during open time scouts can work on their classwork for the morning classes or try taking extra classes. For more detailed information you can check the 2019 Camp Leaders Guide. One of the new features of the new online system is your unit can give parents the ability to use the Parent Portal to oversee your scouts class signups. This is something your unit leader who was given access to the website to use must turn on. If you need help with it please contact the person in your unit who is overseeing your unit’s camp reservation as they have the information for it.

You can sign up for classes online up to the Thursday before you come to camp. After signups close you can still change you classes but you will do that on Monday morning at camp.

  • Class Signups Close Date:
    • Week 1 June 09- 15 2019  —  June 6 2019
    • Week 2 June 16 – 22 2019 —  June 13 2019
    • Week 3 June 23 – 29 2019 —  June 20 2019
    • Week 4 June 30 – July 6 2019 —  June 27 2019
    • Week 5 July 7 – 13 2019  —  July 4 2019
    • Week 6 July 14 – 20 2019 —  July 11 2019
    • Week 7 July 21 – 27 2019 —  July 18 2019
    • Week 8 July 28 – August 3 2019 —  July 25 2019

First Year Camper: (Excerpt from the 2019 Camp Leader Guide) 

Periods 1 through 4   Location: Eagle Lodge

Adults are strongly encouraged to accompany their Scouts/Venturers to this program area.  New or younger Scouts/Venturers along with their adult leaders will receive an opportunity to learn the skills needed to achieve the rank of First Class.  They will work together on a variety of activities and skills including: nature, hiking, orienteering, pioneering, first aid, and more.  A final progress report will be given back to you on Friday with the rest of your Blue Cards. You do not get a blue card for First Year Camp. Scouts will be able to  also complete First Year Camper Program requirements during free time and open time at various program areas.  Days and times will be announced in class.

Nature Merit Badges Independent Study

Nature Merit Badges are taught not as a scheduled class but as an independent study format. The exception to this is Environment Science which is offered periods 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. If a youth wants to work on a merit badge during the week of his stay at Camp Chawanakee all he needs to do is approach the Nature area during a merit badge session he has left open, or during the designated open times on the weekly schedule, and let a counselor know.  The Nature Counselor will give the necessary reading materials and send the youth on the path to completion. There are scheduled events during the week that must be attend to complete certain badges.  The counselors will not do specific merit badge classes or sessions, but instead will be there to help guide and counsel any youth who has issues or questions with the badge. When a youth feels like he is ready to pass off a requirement, he/she lets the counselor know and the counselor will review it. In short, the Nature Merit Badges operate the way a merit badge counselor does in the year-round environment.

Merit badge prerequisites