Class Pre-Reqs Report 2019

We are transitioning to a new online class signups system and will be getting more information to units shortly. For now here are some dates you’ll need to be aware of before you get started. For class signups you will be able to sign up on the day mentioned below at 9AM. Before you can sign up for classes though you must be current on the payment schedule and have $200 per person paid into the scout office. We have the class signups 10 days after the March payment to make sure you have time to get your payments in.

  • Payment Dates:
    • January 15 2019: 1st Payment of $100 per person.
    • March 15 2019: 2nd Payment of $100 per person.
  • Class Signups:
    • March 25 2019: Week one Class signups begin
    • March 26 2019: Week two Class signups begin
    • March 27 2019: Week three Class signups begin
    • March 28 2019: Week four Class signups begin
    • March 29 2019: Week five Class signups begin
    • April 2 2019: Week six class signups begin
    • April 3 2019: Week seven class signups begin
    • April 4 2019: Week eight class signups begin