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"Family Camp is the premier location for
scouting and non scouting families to have a fun and relaxing vacation."

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Please note all pets must be kept on a leash at all times

To make a reservation you can click on the Reserve and Pay for Family Camp Link above to make your reservation or you can click on a campsite from the list below. Both ways allows you to see what nights each spot is available for. Once you have selected all the spots you want you will pay online. Spaces are available on a first come first serve basis so don't wait too long. We offer the following types of camping spots:

Camp Sites Categories
Tent Spot Pitch your own tent. Hold six-ten people per site. $22 / night
RV Bring your own RV into camp. Recomend no larger then thirty foot. We provide no hookups for RVs. $37 / night
Platform Cabin An enclosed wood cabin with screen windows and tarp roof. Offers two metal frame beds with mattresses. $45 / night
July 1st - 7th Holiday Week
Tent Spot Pitch your own tent. Hold up to six people per site. $27 / night
RV Site Bring your own RV into camp. Recomend no larger then thirty foot. We provide no hookups for RVs. $42 / night
Platform Cabin An enclosed wood cabin with screen windows and tarp roof. Offers two metal frame beds with a mattresses. You can also pitch an extra tent outside your cabin for an additional $20. $50 / night
You are allowed to bring two cars per campsite. If you bring more then that there is a $5 per car fee for the extra vehicles.


Campsites Available to Rent

1 Tent 2 Tent 3 Platform Cabin
4 Platform Cabin 5 Tent 6 Platform Cabin
7 Platform Cabin 8 RV / Tent 9 RV / Tent
10 RV / Tent 12 RV / Tent 13 Tent
14 Tent 15 Tent 16 Tent
17 Tent 18 Tent 19 Tent
20 Tent 21 Tent 22 Platform Cabin
23 Tent 24 Tent 25 Tent
26 Platform Cabin 27 Tent 28 Tent

In order for Family Camp to be enjoyed by all a few guidelines have been set by camp management.

Camp Uses: The use of the basic Camp Chawanakee program areas in the scout portion of camp, the observation of special events, campfires and programs are not available to Family Camp participants unless prior arrangements are made with the Camp Chawanakee Camp Director at least 24 hours in advance.

Reservations: Reservations for family camp must be made online before arrival at camp.

Fees: Family Camp fees include the use of the reserved camp site, a private shower, and restroom facility. Water is available for cooking and drinking. Limited electricity is available at designated areas.

Refund Policy: All Fees are non-refundable.

Occupancy: Check out time is 11:00 A.M. on the last day of stay, and arrival is permitted anytime after 12:00 noon. Limit per site is 6 - 10 people or one family per night. A maximum of two vehicles per site is permitted. Additional vehicles may park outside family camp on the road in. See camp host for details. Please note the road into camp is a dirt road.

Meals: Meals may be prepared in the campsite. Purchased meals are not available.

Vehicles: BSA and Camp Chawanakee policy forbid passengers from riding in the back of trucks or trailers. Use of motorcycles in the camp area is not permitted. Motorcycles may be quietly driven out of the camp to the main road. ATV use is strictly prohibited in any area of Camp Chawanakee with the exception of camp maintenance staff.

Hookups: We do not provide hookups for RVs to use in our RV Spots. There is water available for drinking and cooking at designated areas in camp as well as electrical hookups. (See the map for details as to where they are). These are for everyone in Family Camp to use so please be considerate of your fellow neighbors. We do not have sewage hookups in Family Camp.

Bathrooms & Showers: Shower time is limited to five minutes in order to meet the needs of all family campers and allow the water heaters to maintain water temperature.

Equipment: One table is set aside for each campsite. Campers in Platform Cabins are also provided with two cots and mattresses. Do not remove any equipment from your campsite without the permission of the Family Camp host.

Beach Use:

  1. Motorboats are to be beached in the grass area only
  2. Family Camp Cove is reserved for swimming, fishing (must have fishing license) and canoeing.
  3. Boats traversing the area must obey the posted 5-mile an hour speed limit. The Fresno County Sheriff's Department enforces this.
  4. Water Skiing can be done beyond the posted No Wake Zone.
  5. No lifeguards are on duty-Use of the water is at your own risk.

**Please Note No alcoholic beverages and, or non-prescription drugs.

  • No firearms and, or fireworks.
  • All pets must be on a leash at all times!.
  • All reservations are on a first come-first serve basis.

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