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Camp Chawanakee Check-In Instructions

Hello Chawanakee Bound Units!

Can you believe it’s almost time for you to arrive at Camp Chawanakee?

We just wanted to make sure you are ready for a great week at Camp. To help your check-in go as smoothly as possible and there are a couple of things to prepare for.

  • Check-in begins at the Camp Office at 1 PM.
    • We ask that you have one to two adults do this who are familiar with the youth and adults who are attending camp. If you have any changes to your numbers on your reservation form, please let us know at check-in. Any unit that has an outstanding balance will need to pay that before you can continue. Please have a check ready to pay.
    • You will turn in two copies of your unit roster at the Camp Office. You will turn in a third copy to the camp medic at Med Checks and the fourth copy of your unit roster will stay in your campsite.
    • Part of this check-in does require you to know the names of every youth and adult who is at camp for the week.
    • You need to print out the listing of who is signed up for what classes before you arrive at camp.
    • The Firearm Permission Form (https://www.seqbsa.org/permission-form/) is required for all youth who are using the rifle and shotgun ranges during your visit. They need to be filled out by the parents and you will turn them in at the camp office.
  • Once complete you will begin a tour of camp with a Camp Staff Member who will be your own Troop Guide. They will take you on a tour of camp including the program areas where classes are taught and the important areas in camp.
  • One of the stops on your tour is the Medical checks
    • To help make this go quickly and efficiently please have all medical forms pre-sorting into a 3 ring binder with your Unit Number, Council and Campsite printed on the outside.
    • New this year if you have anyone with prescription medication you will need to fill out this new form and keep it with the medication in your unit lock box. You can download this form here:  https://www.seqbsa.org/camp-chawanakee/forms/campdrugadministration/
  • Another stop is the Dining Hall where you will talk with the kitchen staff about how food service works up at camp. This is also where you find out your meal shift.
  • There is a Scoutmaster and SPL meeting at 5 PM at the Camp Chapel where our camp team will go over the week and make sure you’re ready for your stay.