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Camp Chawanakee Update regarding Class Signups

Hello fellow Scouters,

In these ever-changing times, we are working our best to help units plan for their summer camp and help with the ongoing event that is Covid-19. As of today, the Fresno City Council has asked all businesses to stop non-essential services at this time. We will be closing our Fresno and Visalia Scout Shops for the remainder of the month. We are however also wanting to help units in their summer plans. As such we will continue with class signups but are going to update the start dates to allow units who’s checks are still in the mail time to work their way to our office. Here are the new start times:

  • Week 2: March 23
  • Week 3: March 24
  • Week 4: March 25
  • Week 5: March 26
  • Week 6: March 27
  • Week 7: March 30
  • Week 8: March 31

Class signup times are still set to start at 7 AM.
Also for units asking if our camp is still going to happen, we are still planning on hosting this summer as that is outside the timeline from the CDC.

Though it is not convenient by any fashion we ask that you please not call our offices and leave a message as we will be unable to reliably answer them in a timely fashion. Our staff is working from home so we can assist you but we need you to please send your messages and questions to info@seqbsa.org so that we can assist you.