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Camp Chawanakee Pre-Reqs

National has just released the list of merit badges for 2020 that have had updates to their requirements. We have reviewed the list and found that none of the requirement updates affect the classes we offer at camp this summer. This means that unless there are any other changes the class schedule list has the final list of pre-reqs for classes this summer. If you are new to Camp Chawanakee and not familiar with these pre-reqs are requirements that for whatever reason cannot be done up at camp. If your scout wants to complete the badge at the end of the week they will need to finish these before camp. They are not required to take the class though so if they aren’t done then you can still work on the class while you’re up at camp. The best way to show work that’s been completed for merit badges is to bring either a signed blue card from another counselor, a note from your scoutmaster saying you did these requirements or bring the actual work and have our counselor sign off on them. You can find this report under the attachments section of the Camp Chawanakee reservation. Just click the link for Reservation Details in previous emails or by clicking here: https://www.seqbsa.org/go/chawanakee2020