University of Scouting is an excellent training opportunity for Scout leaders throughout our Sequoia Council. UOS is the only place where you will find such a wide variety of training opportunities, Whether you’re new to the program or a veteran of many years, UOS provides valuable courses, leadership training, and elective courses applicable across the Scouting programs. It’s also a great opportunity to meet fellow Scouters from around the Council and beyond.

Stay tuned for upcoming information about future events. 

Morning Sessions 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

  • Cub Master Training * Cub Scouts
    Jennifer Gissell-Epps
  • Den Leader Training * Cub Scouts
    Patty Dunn/Kristen Wright
  • Scoutmaster Training * Boy Scouts
    Todd Dunning
  • Unit Committee Challenge * Cub Scouts  Venturing
    Renee Godinez
  • Venture Leader Specific Training  (8:00-11:00 AM)*Venturing
    John DuFresne
  • Merit Badge Counselor (11:00-12:00 PM) *Boy Scouts
    Dan Maxfield
  • High Adventure Opportunities (11:00-12:00 PM) Boy Scouts Venturing
    John DuFresne

*  ”Trained Leader” Required Training


1:00 PM-2:00 PM

  • Advancement/Scoutbook Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing
    Hope Riley
  • How to Execute an Exciting Pinewood Derby Cub Scouts
    Brian Brazell
  • Life to Eagle Process Boy Scouts
    Daphne Ferguson
  • High Adventure Opportunities Boy Scouts Venturing
    John DuFresne
  • Religious Emblems Boy Scouts
    Patrick Turner
  • Merit Badge Program  Boy Scouts
    Dan Maxfield
  • Wilderness Risks-Are You Prepared? Boy Scouts Venturing
    Mike Bethel
  • Intro to Shooting Sports  Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing
    Pat Meyers/Dave Cruz
    (This course does not certify one to run a range)

2:00 PM-3:00 PM

  • Advancement/Scoutbook  Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing
    Hope Riley
  • Webelos/AOL Scout Transition Cub Scouts
    Jon Avedian
  • Eagle Boards of Review Boy Scouts
    Jennifer Gissell-Epps
  • Order of the Arrow Boy Scouts
    Trevor Ferguson
  • Alumni Program  Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing
    Richard Egan/Mike Feist
  • Orienting New Families   Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing
    Daphne Ferguson
  • Scouts with Disabilities    Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing
    Tony Ratkus
  • Intro to Shooting Sports     Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing
    Pay Meyers/Dave Cruz
    (This course does not certify one to run a range)

3:00 PM-4:00 PM

  • Family Scouting  Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing
    Katie Squire
  • How to Execute an Exciting Pinewood Derby Cub Scouts
    Brian Brazell
  • Eagle Appeals & Time Extensions Boy Scouts
    Dan Maxfield
  • Planning/Paying For Your Program   Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing
  • Outdoor Ethics  Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing
    Kim Borgardt
  • Orienting New Families     Cub Scouts Boy Scouts Venturing
    Daphne Ferguson

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