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"So What do I do to Succeed?" Follow the Unit Action Plan:

  1. Develop your on line playbook at
  2. Commit to sell popcorn and select a unit kernel.
  3. Commit to conducting a unit popcorn kick-off. Set kick-off date and provide the date to the Sequoia Council.
  4. Attend 1 of 7 Sequoia Council Popcorn Extravaganzas. Popcorn kernel must attend. Date: Saturday. Aug. 16, 2014
  5. Conduct a fun popcorn kick-off.
  6. Communicate and motivate your families throughout the popcorn sale.
  7. Place all popcorn and prize orders on time.
  8. Pay on time – make the deadline.

Setting a Unit Goal: Key steps in the Goal Setting process include:

  1. An Annual Plan—developed from the Scouts’ and parents’ perspective with input from the leaders. Each den should develop its annual plan in addition to the unit, district, and Sequoia Council activities.
  2. A Program Budget—all inclusive with costs established for all planned activities, summer camp, registration, insurance, uniform, advancements, Boys’ Life, etc. The budget should be set to have no out-of-pocket expenses for parents and no general line items that can not be broken down on a per Scout basis.
  3. A Per Scout Sales Goal—based on the established annual plan and budget that a Scout family must reach to have their entire program paid for with no out-of-pocket expenses. A comprehensive communication plan to the parents and Scouts outlines the entire program year in a menu format that highlights the activities the parents and Scouts have planned for their year. This plan will also lay out the clear expectations of parental involvement in the various aspects of the program which will include the need for leaders, committee members, and activity help.
  4. Raising the Money Needed to Fund and Execute your Program—Funding their entire program year through the sale of popcorn in the beginning of their program year (August/September time frame). The goal is to raise ALL of the money needed in the popcorn sale.