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Arrival at the Parking Lot – Skagway, Alaska
Welcome to Skagway – Gateway to the Klondike!  Upon entering our town, be prepared for the beginning of your exciting journey into the Yukon.  Skagway is located at the entrance driveway to Camp Chawanakee off Dinky Creek Road, and it is here that you will arrive by car to drop off your scouts and gear.  There will again be a competition to see which Troop can off-load their equipment the fastest while demonstrating outstanding organization and leadership by their Senior Patrol Leader.  We want to see your Senior Patrol Leader “LARGE AND IN-CHARGE!”  Please consolidate all of your scouts and equipment into as few cars as possible due to limited available parking spaces.  Upon arrival you will be directed where to line up your car and as soon as it is backed into off-loading position, THE CLOCK WILL START!!!   After all of your gear and scouts are safely moved out of the off-loading area and onto the trail head, the driver will be directed to one of our three off-site parking areas.  A free shuttle car will be provided to bring your driver back to the trailhead to continue your journey to the Klondike!

Arriving in Camp
When you arrive in camp, your Troop must check in at the registration trailer.  The Troop will be given final camping instructions and each patrol will be given a Passport used to document participation at each town.  The Patrol with the most stamps will win a prize. Passports will be reviewed on Saturday at Lunch and you must be present to win.

Activity 1 - Snow Sculpting , Deadhorse
DEADHORSE is a town of snow sculpturing.  Work well as a team (patrol) in creating a snow sculpture that this time will remain standing, so strength and integrity are important.   Creativity and planning will be high-scoring tools.  Come prepared to cooperate with others in building a memory. Bring your own tools!

Activity 2 - Spike Drive, Chinese Camp
Visit historic Chinese Camp and test your skills and strength by driving a stake into a railroad tie.

Activity 3- The Great Sled Race, Anchorage, Alaska
On January 20, 1925 doctors in Nome had diagnosed cases of diphtheria among the citizens of the town, many of them children, so an urgent telegraph message went out calling for antitoxin.

The medicine came from Anchorage by train to the town of Nenana which is where the train line ended. From Nenana a group of sled dog mushers, in relay, had to race more than 600 miles in order to get the serum to Nome. The first team departed on January 25, 1925. On February 2, 1925 the last team in the relay made it to Nome. The town was saved! The 647 mile trip was made in about 127 hours.

 Come all you mushers and sled dogs and make the trip from Anchorage to Nome to deliver a breakable vial of vaccine. Any number of dogs may power the sled, sled must be dog-powered though, no engine assist. Event is timed. Competitors may compete more than once to try to better their score. Damaged vaccine results in disqualification; cutting or straying from the course results in a 5-second penalty for each infraction.  Patrols need to bring your own sled and 50 feet of ¼ inch rope.

Activity 4- Log Saw, Dawson
The town of Dawson  will host the log saw.  Use an eight foot long bow saw to cut tamarack logs.  When you’re done, brand the stump with the BSA emblem.

Activity 5 - Tug-of-War , Whitehorse
Visit Whitehorse Canada to participate in the Log Pull and Tug of War. Tug-of War of the Century!!!  Bring your muscles and good team spirit!

Activity 6- Log Lift (knots) , Novoarkhangelsk
Novoarkhangelsk (known today as Sitka, Alaska) will be the location for the Log Lift.  Use the common Scout Knots to hoist a log in the air – timing is everything.  Hint, know the bowline, timber hitch, and sheep shank.

Activity 7- Snow Melt, Yukon, Alaska
Using only tinder and wood (no special ingredients), build a fire in record time.  The purpose of this event is to test scouts’ skills in quick fire building.  Scouts must provide all material used in the event.  The patrol’s job is to build a fire to melt 2 cups of natural snow as quick as they possibly can and working as a team to earn points.   All materials must be provided by scouts.  Materials needed: 

ü  Fire pan (metal sheet such as trashcan lid to build fire on),

ü  wood and kindling,

ü  a pot (can hold at least 2 cups),

ü  a device to hold your pot over the fire. 

ü  Fire starters (matches, battery/steel wool, magnified glass, flint/steel, fire bow).   Lighters, stoves, and any alcohol/chemical/flammable products are prohibited. 


Activity 8- Snow Canons – Nome, Alaska
 Wanted:  Able bodied teams from the populace are wanted to participate in ‘Bear discouragement activities’. Due to increased travelers in the territory and their failure at proper refuse disposal the local bears have become a nuisance to livestock, food stores, and the occasional person.  Interested teams will report to Sergei Armstrong Rasputin, Nome Artillery Battery Commander, for additional details regarding this activity. Successful applicants will be paid based on cannon ball distance from the artillery line and on how many bears are ‘discouraged’.

Cannons will be provided to all teams. Due to inclement weather and the cost of transporting heavy objects the artillery rounds were left at the bottom of the hill at the Chilkoot Pass.  Cannon balls will be manufactured by teams in Nome using available natural resource, SNOW.

 Bounty posted:   A bounty has been placed on the head of Moose N’ Squirrel by one B. Badanov

Found:  One left boot. Looking for: a twin right boot; one legged man; or a good home for the first boot.

Activity 9 - Orienteering, Skaguay Claims Office

Each Patrol needs to bring a compass.  You enter the claims office, make a deal for directions for a claim, you will be given a gold sample to be tested at the assay office, using your  compass and  skills locate your  claim. Send a telegram hack to your  loved ones.  The method each patrol negotiates obtaining their claim forms will be judged for scout spirit (One Third).  The score (One Third) will be determined by the distance from the final mark. The unique wording of a telegram showing proper and good scout spirit will be judged for spirit (One Third).  The estimated time to participate is about 30 minutes per patrol.

Activity 10 – Blind Snow Shoe Race, Iditarod, Alaska
Use the Patrol Method to guide your Scouts through a maze of winter obstacles.  Best time wins!  

Activity 11 – Tomahawk Throw, Kenai, Alaska
Steady…  Steady… throw!  Tomahawk throwing is back as a Klondike event at the town of Kenai.  Use your skills to hit a target and score points for GOLD. 

Visit the Assayer
"There is GOLD in the hills for the "Klondike Derby".  And for the GOLD that Scouts earn in competitive events at each town, there is 'BOOTY'(A nautical term for gold)! Visit the Assayer .  Turn in your GOLD at the "Official Office of the Assayer" and you will get the gooeyest, gummyest, sourest, sweetest,chocletyest and most disgusting 'BOOTY' that you can imagine!!!! It's a pound of BOOTY for a pound of GOLD. And there is special 'Bonus BOOTY' for Scouts that have their GOLD all collected and ready to weigh on the Klondike scales, without delay!"

Updated February 3rd 2011