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March Payment and Class Signups

by Joseph Potthast February 29 2016 2:29 PM

March is just around the corner and there are two events that your unit should be prepared for coming up. The first is the March Payment. This payment is going to be another $100 per person (both youth and adults) and is due into the Fresno Office by March 10th. You can pay this two ways either by mailing a check to the Fresno Scout Office with a copy of your Fee Settlement Form or by paying online here Don’t forget there is a 3% online transaction fee for all online payments.  For any units that have misplaced their Fee Settlement Forms we are mailing out new copies today. Don’t forget that at this point in time you should not be paying for spots at camp unless you are certain they are going. We always encourage you to lowball your estimates. You can increase your numbers later on but if you put down money for someone who is not going we will not be able to give you the back the extra money you’ve paid as there are no refunds for camp.

The next big event is Class Signups. If this is your first time using our Online Merit Badge Signups website ( then we encourage you to watch this walkthrough of what you need to know going into class signups In order for your unit to be able to sign up for classes you must have both your January and March Payments in the Fresno Office before you can do so. One change we have made for this year is that each week will be staring class signups on a different day. Please check out this table for your starting day. 
Week Day Signups Begin
Week 1 June 12 – 18 2016 March 21 2016
Week 2 June 19 – 25 2016 March 22 2016
Week 3 June 26 – July 2 2016 March 23 2016
Week 4 July 3 – 9 2016 March 24 2016
Week 5 July 10 – 16 2016 March 25 2016
Week 6 July 17 – 23 2016 March 28 2016
Week 7 July 24 – 30 2016 March 29 2016
Week 8 July 31 – August 6 2016 March 30 2016
Week 9 August 7 – 13 2016 March 31 2016
All signups will begin at 9 AM in the morning. Before your date we recommend you log into the website and enter the names, addresses and birthdates of everyone going to camp. Remember the Birthdate is important because it helps the site figure out if a scout is old enough for certain classes. 
As always let us know if you have any questions regarding your payments and class signups.
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