Camp Chawanakee

serving the youth of California, Nevada, Arizona
Florida, Montana and Hawaii since 1947

Celebrating 70 Years in 2016

Sponsored by Tah-Heetch Lodge 195
a 5 year accredited camp under the NCAP program

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Camp Merit Badges

  Camp Chawanakee is proud to have one of the most diversified and exciting programs of any west coast camp. The following page will walk you through our program structure. If you want to see the current listing of merit badges we offer at camp please go to Camp Chawanakee Merit Badges.

Things you should know about our Merit Badge Program:

The following is information you need to know about the Chawanakee Merit Badge Program. Specific classes and times offered are posted at . Sometimes requirements for a merit badges change from the National Office, if this happens we will be sure to post information about it on both of our websites. Those who register their email address at the Chawanakee web site will receive an email when updates occur.

Difficulty Rating: This is a Ten Point scale that is used to reference which merit badges are appropriate for younger Scouts. It is our recommendation that younger Scouts take merit badges whose difficulty ratings do not exceed 5 nor take more than 3 merit badges. Younger Scouts are encouraged to participate in the Trail to First Class Program.

Pre-Requisites: A scout can still register for the merit badge, however these are items that need to be completed before arriving at camp. These requirements must be completed (and signed off on his blue card) by the Scout before camp with an approved merit badge counselor in their home city. These are items that either cannot be satisfactorily completed at camp or are otherwise inappropriate in the camp setting.  Pre-requisites not completed will result in the scout receiving a partial.   

Recommended Requirements: These are requirements that may prove extremely difficult to complete at camp due to time constraints or weather related issues. You may want your Scouts to complete these requirements prior to camp to ensure completion of the merit badge.

Cost: Certain merit badges have a cost or costs that are over and above those covered by the basic camp fee. Make sure Scouts are prepared to cover any costs of their desired merit badges.

Period Taught: This refers to the period during the day that a merit badge is taught. Please note that some merit badges require more than one period to complete. All signups for merit badges will be conducted using

Location: This is a handy way to tell where to meet for a merit badge on the first day of instruction.

Merit Badge Sign Up: To help ensure your scouts get the program they want and to promote fairness to all, all merit badges must be signed up for at Due to equipment and quality concerns, many classes have a cap on the number of scouts each period will hold, please signup early, all sign ups are on a first come-first serve basis.

Age Requirements: National Standards requires each scout camp to have an older boy program, therefore, some merit badges are limited to Scouts age 14 and older; please check those merit badges that apply. Please do not ask for waivers on age requirements.

Changes to schedule may be made at camp, but cannot be guaranteed.