Camp Chawanakee

serving the youth of California, Nevada, Arizona
Florida, Montana and Hawaii since 1947

Celebrating 71 Years in 2018

Sponsored by Tah-Heetch Lodge 195
a 5 year accredited camp under the NCAP program

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2018 Camp Chawanakee Fees
Youth $ 400 Out of Council
$ 345 In Council
Adult $ 220 Out of Council
$ 205 In Council
Brothers $25 off the cost of each scout
2nd Week Come back for a second week of camp and get $100 off.

  When you make a reservation to come to Camp Chawanakee you will need to make a deposit of $100 per Patrol Site that you reserve. Each patrol site holds roughly eight scouts and two adults.

Payment Schedule 2018

Troops need to make the following payments:

  • Deposit: $100 / Patrol Site
    Due when you reserve to come to camp.

  • 1st payment: $100 per person (both Scout and Adult) coming to camp.
    Due January 15th 2018

  • 2nd Payment: $100 per person (both Scout and Adult) coming to camp.
    Due March 9th 2018

  • Final Payment: Remainder of whatever is still owed to come to camp.
    Due no later then three weeks before you come to camp.

Final Payment Schedule

Week of CampFinal Date for Payments
Week 1 June 10 - 16May 18th 2018
Week 2 June 17 - 23May 25th 2018
Week 3 June 24 - June 30June 1st 2018
Week 4 July 1 - 7June 8th 2018
Week 5 July 8 - 14June 15th 2018
Week 6 July 15 - 21June 22nd 2018
Week 7 July 22 - 28June 29th 2018
Week 8 July 29 - August 4July 6th 2018

Cancellation Policy

If your Troop/Crew cancels its reservation and does not come to Camp Chawanakee all money paid is forfeited. You must submit a letter of cancellation to the Fresno Scout Office to let us know that your Troop/Crew isn't coming. Please note this is for the entire Troop/Crew, if you are reducing numbers this does not apply unless you are dropping after the final payment deadline. There are NO REFUNDS at Camp Chawanakee. You may transfer funds from one Scout/Venturer and adults/leaders to another however. For further questions about refunds contact the Scout Executive / CEO John Richers.

Camp Attendance

You are required to have the final numbers (scout and adults attending camp) into our office no later then the final payment deadline (three weeks before you come to camp). Any changes to these final numbers must be in writing. If you change your numbers after the three week deadline then you will be subject to cancellation fees.

  • You can not lower your numbers after the final payment deadline. Even if you do you will be expected to pay for those scouts or adults even if they don't come. So be sure to get your actual numbers into the office in writing before the deadline and get an updated Fee Settlement Form.

    • Changing your numbes on does not count as changing your numbers. You must communicate with the Fresno Scout Office and talk to the camping department to change your numbers.